Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic

Many pet owners want to add another furry friend to their household, yet hesitate. Other pet owners have been forced to give up their pets. Why? In the past decade, routine and surgical vet visit costs have risen by 47 percent for dogs and by 73 percent for cats (American Pet Products Association, 2011).

Planned PEThood of Georgia seeks to remove this obstacle to pet ownership by offering cat/dog sterilization and vaccination packages at very affordable rates. At our Duluth facility (2860 Buford Highway), a spay/neuter surgery starts at $35. (The cost rises depending on the size, gender, and type of pet.) A rabies vaccination is included at no additional charge. Our popular vaccine clinics offer dog and cat packages starting at $25! Planned PEThood also offers other low-cost pet care services such as a basic pet exam, microchipping, and heartworm testing.

Not coincidentally, offering affordable pet sterilizations and vaccinations dovetails perfectly with our other objectives – rescuing pets from overcrowded animal control facilities. Each year, our animal rescue provides veterinary care and rescue/adoptions for hundreds of homeless pets. We've added a Barn Cat Program to save feral and semi-wild cats by placing them in barns and other properties to provide natural rodent control.

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